HealthBreak, without a doubt, is one of the most effective things I have ever done in Marketing at the hospital where I work, and I’ve been working in Hospital Administration at our hospital for more than 20 years.  We’ve actually shot more than 1,200 HealthBreak programs during this time. We know that it’s effective. We know that it provides a tremendous return on investment, and it’s something that we’ll continue to do for years.

Linda Gavin
Associate Executive Director
South Central Regional Medical Center
Laurel, Mississippi

One thing we've seen through HealthBreak is we've been able to showcase key physicians, key service lines, and key components of the only tertiary center in western Montana, the only level-two trauma center in western Montana, and really have been able to put a degree of recognition within the community that simply didn't exist before.  In the last three to four years we have seen significant growth... and I think a lot of that has to do with HealthBreak.

Jeff Fee
St. Patrick Hospital
Missoula, Montana

There's a tremendous opportunity for us to define ourselves and HealthBreak was the perfect way to do that. It was very cost-effective to get on one television station that reached all of our secondary and tertiary markets. In the five months that we've been airing these (HealthBreaks)... our physician referral activity, our calls are up 63%.That's fabulous. Those results are beyond what I had wished for.

Ann Valuch
Marketing Director
The Reading Hospital and Medical Center
Reading, Pennsylvania

We are actually sitting in the middle of the Medical University of South Carolina.  We are only a few feet from each other and it’s a very competitive market. So with the new technology we acquire and clinical trials we are participating in, HouseCalls TV gives us a consistent, great way to let the general public know what we are doing opposed to what our competitors are doing.

Angela Poindexter
Marketing Strategist
Roper St. Francis Healthcare
Charleston, SC

We really wanted to showcase our physicians as well as the unique services we provide to our community. In addition, HealthBreak was a way to not only build brand equity among our patient base, but within our physician base as well.  Featuring our physicians is an important element of our marketing mix.

Marcus Gordon
Marketing and Public Relations
Southern Regional Medical Center
Atlanta, GA

It’s a great tool. It’s an effective tool.  I’ve seen it work in both markets I’ve been in.  HealthBreak has been incredibly useful for the development of physicians’ practices, especially new ones.

Tammy Lindsey Howell
Physician Recruitment
Parkridge Medical Center
Chattanooga, TN

MBC & Associates, Inc. (MBC) is an award-winning, highly creative full-service video production company, specializing in broadcast and webcast services for the healthcare industry.  Our team has in-depth knowledge of healthcare and extensive experience interviewing and working with physicians, patients and senior administrative staff. We are just as at home in a surgical suite or doctor’s office as we are in the edit suite.

HealthBreak®, a customized medical news series produced for hospitals, has aired in over 72 markets.  Other custom broadcast series produced for hospitals include HouseCalls TV, :90 Seconds to Better Health and HealthMatters TV.